to whom it may concern…

I am writing on behalf of miyavmiyav, whom I know from last week, when she was still alive.

miyav was a lost soul, trying to find her way to achieve her goals. Her insight was keen and her expectations from herself was wide. She used to search everyting to the tiniest detail, which concluded her to doubt life. After realizing that there was no clear answer to any of her questions, she gone crazy. She used to be a nice girl but I don’t think that she can think properly now. She had left 2 recommendations and  financial aid forms to translate into English, more than 5 essays to finish, hundreds of short answers to reply and a CV and a school profile to complete. Thanks to this lost soul now, I have to finish them all by myself. Pity this lonely soul and pray for her to come back.


Sincerely yours,

miyav’s half body.


~ by enole on December 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “to whom it may concern…”

  1. you are my goddess

  2. Eylul is also lost so “hi buddy, i miss you”

    Eylul’s half soul

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